5 Invaluable Tips on How to

Humanize Your Brand on Social Media

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Shivangi Singh | 29-01-2024

Humanize Your Brand

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5 Tips on How to Humanize Your Brand on Social Media

Welcome to the ultimate crash course on how to humanize your brand! And we are surely going to give you the best tips out there. In today’s digital age, social media is not just a platform, it’s a whole new world where brands are like digital shops. But as in the real world, we cannot get customers without marketing and advertising, the same happens in our digital world. We have to do marketing and advertising to stand out from the crowd.

Now the question pops up – how do you go from being just another brand in the digital world to creating an authentic experience for your customers? This is where our tips come from, for which you have to read our blog. Strap in for a rollercoaster ride through the fun and oh-so-effective strategies on how to humanize your brand on social media. Let’s get into it!

Show your quirks

In cookie-cutter norms, being quirky is your MVP! Quirky lines and phrases will be your best partners for humanizing your brand. It will resonate with people and also help you get noticed. For instance, Oreos, the most loved biscuits, champions quirkiness collaborations and limited-edition flavors, turning a chocolate cookie into a storytelling legend. Then we can see Ben & Jerry’s. They mix their ice cream with activism and pun-laden flavors that are not easy to forget. And not to forget how Skittles use quirkiness—”Taste the rainbow.

Unless it’s a rainbow, you’re not seeing it without the help of candy. Then please see a doctor.’ Embrace your brand’s authenticity with quirkiness, whether it’s a penchant for memes or fantastic wordplay. Let your brand’s uniqueness speak for itself. And honestly, Marked Communications is a pun-expert! Just saying.


Behind every brand, there is a story that is waiting to be told. Brands like Nike take you on a journey as they are not just selling shoes, they are selling dreams, victories, and courage to “Just Do It”. Share your journey – the brand’s highs and lows, the quirky anecdotes that define your brand’s evolution.

Curate a story that speaks to the audience, and makes them emotionally connect with your brand. This is what branding is all about. Be you, be authentic. Anyone can sell products in today’s world, but only a few are known.


Authenticity is a factor you cannot play with. Be real, be you, no fakey! Imagine you are at a party and everyone is putting on their best formal talk. But then, there is that one person with a killer sense of humor and a vibe that no one had. That is authenticity.

Think of brands like Patagonia – they are not just selling outdoor gear; they are leading the movement. Their authenticity can be seen in every stitch, from environmental activism to fair labor practices. Ditch the sales script, and let your brand’s personality shine through.


Social media is a two-way street. You give you take. It is not just about what you post but also about how to react to other’s content. Engaging with your audience is not just about getting likes and comments, it is about building a community where your audience feels valued and heard. When you actively engage, you are making yourself seen by others in different ways.

You are turning passive scrollers into active participants in your brand’s story. Plus engaging also provides feedback – the good, the bad, and everything in between. When you listen and respond you are providing an experience that your audience needs. Remember, social media is not one-sided you have to get deep into it and humanize your brand by making the interactions personal.

Add humor and Emotions

Script-based content can be made easily and it’s just done for the sake of putting it out there. Humour is the secret weapons that make your brand stand out on social media. Think about it, when was the last time you laughed at a brand’s witty tweet or felt a tug at your heartstrings reading something about a brand? These moments stick, they resonate and make an impact on the audience’s mind.

Humour and emotions humanize your brand, making it very fun and approachable. And when the users are laughing with you, they are not just customers, they are like your friends. But why is this so important? Because in a world full of information, emotions are what makes us all human after all. So, sprinkle some humour here and there along with some emotions, and watch your brand become more than just products or services.

Ending it….

With saying only one thing – humanize your brand to be a brand.

You have now finished a small crash course on humanizing your brand. From quirks to humour we have covered it all. As you move forward remember to add humour like confetti, engage like it’s a never-ending party, and tell your story like a kid (as they never stop talking).

Your brand is not just a logo, it’s a living, breathing entity in the digital world. Let your brand speak for itself!

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